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Election 2011 - Oil Sands and Good Green Jobs

Invest in Green Jobs and a Clean Future

Thanks to the Conservatives, Canada is an international embarrassment on climate change. Oil sands operations are growing, making it harder for Canada to meet its environmental commitments. Government inaction on the environment puts our economy and health at risk.

Emissions from oil sands development are the fastest-growing greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. Studies predict the oil sands will account for nearly half of the projected increase in total Canadian emissions by 2020.

Through Blue Green Canada, the USW supports regulating emissions from the oil sands and tackling global warming with a focus on good green jobs and a sustainable economy.

The Conservatives have failed to bring in new regulations to limit emissions from oil sands development. They've also failed to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies despite committing to do so in 2009. Subsidies to oil and gas companies continue at $1.4 billion a year. A 2010 NDP study put subsidies even higher at $2.5 billion a year.

Liberals are also full of hot air on climate change. Over the past seven years, in and out of government, Liberals have announced at least five different climate change plans. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is now in favour of oil sands development, yet another reversal in the Liberals' oft-changing position on the environment.

The NDP has an oil sands plan to protect our environment and the health of Canadians. The NDP will tackle emissions and stop subsidies that encourage pollution. The NDP is on the same page as the Steelworkers: developing green energy industries is an opportunity for a new era of job creation.

We need government that will get Canada back on track on the environment while fostering manufacturing innovation and creating jobs.