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Supporting Mexican Workers – Los Mineros

Workers and trade unions in Mexico are under attack by the government, the military and federal and state police.

Over the past five years, workers have faced escalating violence, persecution, mass dismissals, and ongoing violations of basic rights to form unions, bargain collectively, strike and defend their rights without repression.

Among the most egregious attacks against Mexican trade unions are those committed against Los Mineros, the National Miners' and Metalworkers' Union of Mexico (SNTMMSRM) by the government, police and Mexican-owned mining giant Grupo Mexico.

The United Steelworkers supports Los Mineros. We stand in solidarity with workers and trade unionists in Mexico and their fight for labour and human rights.

The USW has assisted Los Mineros secretary-general Napoleon Gomez, who is currently living in exile in Canada. For more than four years the Mexican government has conducted a campaign of repression against Gomez and Los Mineros, fabricating false charges and seizing the union's bank accounts. Charges against Gomez and Los Mineros were dismissed by the Mexican superior court in 2010.

Los Mineros and the USW signed a joint declaration in 2010 to develop a stronger and more comprehensive alliance between the two unions, which represent one million workers in North America.  

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