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In Brief

Master sculptor David Pellettier is creating a life-sized bronze statue of Jack Layton riding on the back of a tandem bicycle. USW Locals can make contributions towards the statue.

Your Local's Contribution Will Help Build a Layton Legacy

The USW is supporting the Ontario Federation of Labour's (OFL) initiative to build a national memorial statue of Jack Layton. The project has worked closely with Jack's widow, MP Olivia Chow, to ensure that his legacy lives on in the hearts of Canadians.

We are asking USW locals across the country to consider making contributions toward the Jack Layton Memorial Statue project to help cover the sizeable costs of commissioning the life-size sculpture and its upkeep.

Olivia Chow and the USW invite you to Take a Ride With Jack

Jack's love of bicycling is legendary and he shared his pastime with his wife and children on their signature tandem two-seater bicycle.

Renowned master sculptor David Pellettier is creating a life-sized bronze statue of Jack sitting on the back seat of a tandem bicycle, with room on the front seat for visitors to have their picture taken taking a ride with Jack. The national memorial statue will be situated on the Toronto waterfront.

The project is expensive. Contributions are required to commission the statue and pay for raw materials, lighting, maintenance and upkeep.

Your USW Local can help make this lasting Jack Layton memorial statue a reality.

Jack's Got Your Back
Steelworkers! Be a part of the Jack Layton Memorial Statue

The USW is showing its support for the Jack Layton memorial statue. Already, USW District 3, USW District 5, USW District 6 along with the USW Canadian National Office and USW International Headquarters have each contributed $5,000 toward the project. You and your local can be a part of honouring Jack's legacy too!

Make an individual contribution or make a donation from your USW Local.

Contribute to the Jack Layton Memorial Statue