Summer Internships - Steelworker Summer

PAID Internships are open to young adults, 17-25 years of age, who are children or grandchildren of members or retired members of the United Steelworkers and actively enrolled in school.

We welcome applications from provinces other than Ontario or from outside of the Greater Toronto Area; selected applicants will have travel and accommodation paid for by the program.

The program can run up to 10 weeks and will be based from our Canadian National Office in Toronto. Participants will receive a stipend of $650 per week.

Steelworker Summer 2019 is an opportunity for children and grandchildren of Steelworker members to learn about workers' rights, and engage in activities to educate, organize and mobilize for progressive change. It is also designed to give participants an understanding and appreciation of the positive impact the union has had on their parents' working lives.

Steelworker Summer is committed to uniting students, workers, and community activists to bring about social justice through workplace and community organizing.

Participants need to be people-oriented, enthusiastic, energetic, flexible and willing to work long hours on an unpredictable schedule. Previous union experience is not necessary. Volunteerism or activism is a plus.

Download the application form

USW District 3 offers a separate Steelworker Summer program, with placements within the District. Please contact District 3 to apply.

USW District 6 is offering a Steelworker Summer program in conjunction with the CNO program. You can download a separate application form for the D6 program from