About the Family and Community Education Fund

A Brief History of the Fund

Since 1989, through the contributions of participating local unions, the USW Family and Community Education Fund has supported activities like:

Now the Fund is expanding to support more activities at the local, district and national level in four theme areas:

Supporting Steelworker Families

We want to help Steelworker families learn about our union and the struggles of working people across Canada and around the world. And we want to support members with family responsibilities so they can fully participate in all of the union’s activities.

The Fund could support activities such as:

Promoting USW in the Community

USW has a long history of being active in the communities where we live and work. We want to continue the tradition of sponsoring community events and working in solidarity with community groups to advance equality throughout the country.

The Fund could support activities such as:

Supporting and Engaging Young Activists

The USW understands the crucial importance of identifying and supporting young activists within our union.

The Fund could support activities such as:

Supporting and Engaging New Activists

We want to grow our union by engaging new activists from within our current membership, including new hires or long-time members with more free time now that their children are older. Engaging and mentoring new activists is one way to broaden and diversify our staff and leadership.

The Fund could support activities such as:

An advisory committee, made up of members and staff appointed by the Canadian directors, is responsible for reviewing the state of the Fund, as well as approving and evaluating projects.

What Does this Mean for Contributing Locals?

Develop a project: Your local, women’s committee, human rights committee, area or regional council could develop a project related to one or more of the Fund’s four theme areas. Work with your District Education Coordinator or the Fund Coordinator on the details.

What Does this Mean for Non-Contributing Locals? 

Join the Fund: If your local union does not already contribute to the Fund, mobilize your members to approve joining. Go to Join the Fund for more details. Local unions must contribute to the Fund in order to apply for project funding. Other activities sponsored by the Fund may be open to all Steelworkers and their families; some conditions, such as registration fees, may apply to individual events.

FCEF 2019 Advisory Committee 


In 2019, the FCEF advisory committee included: Warren Luky*, Local 6166, District 3; Marco Ouellet*, Local 7401, District 5; Bob Yates*, Local 4610, District 6; Earl Graham, District 3 Staff Representative; Guy Gaudette, District 5 Staff Representative; Anita Bryan, District 6 Staff Representative; Dayna Sykes*, District 3 Education Co-ordinator; Maude Raîche*, District 5 Education Co-ordinator; Jackie Edwards*, District 6 Education Co-ordinator; Mark Rowlinson, Assistant to the National Director; Alexandra Eshelman*, Administrative Assistant to the National Director; Adriane Paavo, Department Leader, Education and Equality; Eric Delparte*, FCEF Co-ordinator. (*Members of the project review subcommittee.)