Family Care Reimbursement Form

Get reimbursed for family care costs like babysitting incurred while attending authorized union events.

Members can claim caregiving fees for the following family who reside with them:

a) A child under 17 years of age;

b) A person with a disability;

c) An adult who is dependent and requires care.

Actual family care costs incurred will be reimbursed at a rate of up to $19.50 per hour for the length of the union meeting/event plus travel time. We will reimburse for a maximum of 12 hours per day. If overnight care is required, the maximum reimbursable amount is $270 per 24-hour period.

Should you have attended multiple union activities resulting in family care costs, please complete multiple Expense Claim Forms.

Family Care Claim Form

Family Care Invoice


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an “authorized” union event?

An authorized union event is an initiative put on by your local union or the United Steelworkers more broadly. Such events are signed-off on by your local union president or recording secretary.

Examples include: your local’s monthly membership meeting, a USW local, district, national or international conference you have been approved to attend, serving on your local’s bargaining committee or attending other committee meetings such as the Women of Steel Committee, etc.

Will you cover family care costs incurred for an authorized union event that takes place during my normal hours of work?

No, the Family & Community Education Fund will not cover family care costs that occur during your normal working hours, even if you are at an authorized union event and not at work. This is because you would have paid for family care regardless, so this is not an additional expense you have incurred.

Will I be directly reimbursed for my family care costs or does the Family & Community Education Fund send the money to my local union to pass on to me?

Members who submit eligible expenses to the Fund Co-ordinator will be directly reimbursed for their family care costs.

Can I be reimbursed if a family member provides care?

The Fund will only cover costs for care provided by an individual who does not already have caregiving responsibilities for the family member(s) receiving care. Generally speaking, the Fund will not cover costs for care provided by a spouse/partner, former spouse/partner with custody rights or a relative residing in the household. Contact the Fund Co-ordinator for more information.

I normally pay my caregiver less/more per hour than the FCEF-identified reimbursement rate. What should I do?

Pay your caregiver their typical rate, but note that the Fund will not reimburse more than $19.50/hour for family care. Should your family member have special needs and require care costing more than $19.50/hour, please get in touch with the Fund Co-ordinator to discuss this.

My local union already covers family care expenses as part of our expense policy. Should I still apply to the FCEF’s reimbursement program?

No, apply to your local union first.

How do I know if my local union contributes to the Fund and if I’m eligible to get this expense coverage?

Ask your local union executives or reach out to the Fund Co-ordinator to learn if your local union contributes. Joining the Fund is easy! Click here to learn more.