Project Ideas

Not sure where to start with your submission? Our project ideas might spark your local’s next FCEF application!

Mentorship Program 

Numerous USW local unions have already taken part in formal mentoring programs, and your local can, too.

USW mentoring programs pair more experienced members (“mentors”) with members who want to expand their skills and knowledge (“learners”). Mentoring strengthens our union by:

  • Increasing the confidence and abilities of activists and leaders in local unions
  • Encouraging more political and community activism
  • Developing more new, young and diverse activists and future leaders

USW mentoring programs include a recruitment process, an orientation session for the mentors and learners and a structure to guide mentoring work over a twelve-month period.  

The Family & Community Education Fund can cover the costs of the orientation session and overall program co-ordination by a local member booked off periodically for the purpose. Your District Education Co-ordinator can explain the program and assist with recruitment and orientation. Other than during the orientation session, mentors and learners are expected to meet on their own time, either in person, by telephone or on Zoom or other platforms.

Family Education Day

USW Family Education Day is a new program that provides funding for locals to bring together USW members, their families and allies in the social justice movement for a day of education, culture and networking.  

Holding a USW Family Education Day is a great way for your local to:

  • build solidarity inside the union, your membership, the broader labour movement and the community; and  
  • bring people together in a positive way to celebrate the work we do to improve the lives of working people and their families. 

Think you might be interested in holding a USW Family Education Day for your local?  Below are some answers to questions you may have about hosting one of these events at your local:

Who can sponsor a USW Family Education Day?

  • Any local who contributes to the USW Family Education Fund can sponsor a USW Family Education Day, and can work collaboratively with others to "make it happen".
  • An Area Council can also sponsor a USW Family Education Day if at least one local in the Area Council contributes to the Family Education Fund.
  • If your local does not yet contribute to the USW Family Education Fund, you can easily start to participate by filling out the check-off authorization.

More Information on Family Education Days

Family Education Day Application Form