District 5

Welcome to 6586

This day of discussion brought together new members and seasoned activists to encourage their future mobilization and engagement. It also promoted building solidarity and the exchange of knowledge between members, teaching participants about the local’s structure, different roles frontline activists play in the union and current issues facing their sector.

Theme areas: Supporting & Engaging Young Activists, Supporting & Engaging New Activists
Date: January 2020
Location: Contrecoeur, Quebec
Funds allocated: $5,000
Participants: 20 new members and seasoned activists


District 5 NextGen Forum

District 5 wanted to engage new and young activists and reinvigorate the NextGen committee. The district offered scholarships to local unions who sent NextGen members who had never attended a USW event before and to local unions which sent more than one. During the Forum, NextGen Steelworkers were encouraged to become more involved in our union. Their input and ideas helped redefine the direction and pur-pose of the NextGen committee. On-site childcare and reimbursement for family care at home was offered to encourage the participation of members with families.

Theme areas: Supporting and Engaging Young Activists, Supporting and Engaging New Activists
Date: October 16 to 18, 2019
Location: Mont Tremblant, Quebec
Funds allocated: $50,000
Participants: 65 NextGen participants

Cote Nord Sledding Day

Six local unions from across the Cote Nord organized a community day featuring outdoor fun on the snow and ice. Lunch and maple products were provided, and USW leaders spoke about the union and its involvement in the community. The event was open to all local USW members, their families and the community, and its purpose was to create ties with families and the community.

Theme areas: Supporting Steelworker Families, Promoting USW in the Community
Date: March 3, 2019
Location: Sept Iles, Quebec
Funds allocated: $5,000
Participants: 700 people