Applying for Funding

The Steelworkers Humanity Fund (SHF) supports development projects with trade unions and community organizations around the world. Currently the projects are in Latin America and Africa. As a labour-sponsored fund, the major focus of the SHF is to work with trade unions or worker organizations. SHF project support is typically long term. This means that we have only limited resources available for new projects and new partners in any given year.

Groups interested in applying for support from the Steelworkers Humanity Fund should contact SHF staff and submit a very short letter indicating:
(a) Name of organization responsible for project;
(b) Links (if any) with union or worker organizations;
(c) Location of project;
(d) Contact person;
(e) Brief description of the project, objectives and expected outcome of project; and
(f) Approximate budget for the project, and duration.

Applications for partnership and funding may be sent to

The applications will be reviewed by SHF staff. If there is some likelihood that the funding proposal meets funding criteria, and depending on available resources, the SHF staff will contact the organization to discuss a more formal funding proposal and project.

Funding Criteria for Project Funding from the Steelworkers Humanity Fund

The Steelworkers Humanity Fund (SHF) supports development projects with trade unions and community organizations around the world. Currently projects are in Latin America and Africa.

The Steelworkers Humanity Fund develops long-term relationships with partners that allow the fund to achieve its charitable objectives.

Projects undertaken by the SHF with partner organizations must be reviewed by the SHF Project Review Committee (PRC). The PRC will consider the project proposal against Guidelines for Project Funding adopted by the board of directors and the SHF project criteria, and make a recommendation to the executive committee of the board of directors for final approval.

Project criteria include the following:

There are many worthwhile projects undertaken by progressive organizations. The Steelworkers Humanity Fund gives priority to projects that:

The Steelworkers Humanity Fund strives to have a balance of projects that taken as a whole will contribute to the following:

As stated in the guidelines adopted by the Steelworkers Humanity Fund board of directors:

The Steelworkers Humanity Fund, while primarily focused on international development, also contributes to Canadian projects and participates with Canadian partners in the areas of poverty and food security. In Canada, a limited number of educational support, research and analysis projects and advocacy projects or programs may be undertaken with Canadian-based partners, coalitions or other NGOs. These are selected based on their contribution to (a) increasing the understanding and involvement of USW activists and staff in issues of poverty reduction, human rights and international development; and / or (b) advocating for community, government or corporate initiatives that will promote increased access to social and economic justice in Canada or globally.