A Steelworker's Guide to Running for Union Office

A Steelworker's Guide to Running for Union Office

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The United Steelworkers represents workers in a wide variety of workplaces including offices, mines, mills, retirement homes, hotels, bingo halls, universities, food processing plants, banks, fish plants and department stores. From independent truckers and security guards who work alone, to workers in call centres and factories, Steelworkers work coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Elections are an opportunity for us to reflect our tremendous diversity in the slate of candidates seeking local union election.

Our union supports and encourages women, visible minority persons, persons with disabilities and aboriginal people to run for elected office. At the same time, we recognize some members may see barriers to seeking such a nomination - the need to balance work and family responsibilities, if you have a disability or if English or French is not your first language.

The United Steelworkers is committed to helping members develop successful strategies for overcoming such barriers.

A local union is only as strong as its members. Your participation and involvement during and between elections builds the solidarity and strength our members count on to win improvements in our workplaces, our collective agreements and in our communities.

We hope this guide, together with other USW resources and support, will help ensure a strong and diverse slate of candidates.

A Steelworker's Guide to Running for Union Office (pdf)