Resources on Domestic Violence, Harassment, and Workplace Violence

Ending Violence Association of Canada List of Support Services

The Ending Violence Association of Canada offers a list of support services, many with toll-free lines, that are available across Canada. 

Bargaining Guide: Addressing Domestic Violence in USW Collective Agreements

Examples of good language we can bargain to address the impact of domestic violence at work, and ways to convince the employer to agree.

Domestic Violence Resource Centre

More tools and strategies for union leaders, representatives and members to help build awareness, break the silence and improve workplace safety. – A Lifeline to Safety for Abused Women and their Children

This online resource provides women and children with a one-step connection to help in their community.

National Survey on Workplace Violence and Harassment

The Steelworkers union is encouraging all USW members to take part in the online survey organized by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) to gauge the severity and measure the response to violence and harassment in Canada’s workplaces. The survey is being conducted by researchers from Western University and the University of Toronto.

Steelworkers Guide to Preventing and Dealing with Harassment

A United Steelworkers workbook to help local union members prevent and deal with harassment issues step-by-step, incident by incident, with fairness and respect for all individuals.

Steelworkers Anti-Harassment Policy

Steelworker members are entitled to a harassment-free environment at all union activities, events and meetings.

Steelworkers Violence Prevention Guide

Violence or abuse can happen in any workplace or family. It can happen to women, men & children. It can happen to people of any culture and background. No one - no supervisor, co-worker, husband, wife, boyfriend or relative has the right to abuse another.

Poster: Workplace Sexual Harassment is Wrong

Download, print and display this poster in your workplace. Workplace sexual harassment is wrong. Speak Out. Speak Up. Believe Her.

IndustriALL Pledge: Unions Say No to Violence and Harassment Against Women

Download this document and take the IndustriALL Pledge.

Domestic Violence at Work - CLC Survey Report

Initial findings of a pan-Canadian survey on domestic violence and the workplace.