We need 3 million conversations

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You - and three million other union members across Canada - must join the conversation. You can make a real difference through your own conversations with friends, co-workers and neighbours.

That's why the Canadian labour movement is encouraging you and union members across the country to stand up and be heard.

The good news is that most Canadians share our union values - fairness, a liveable wage, good working conditions, pensions, benefits and a voice at work. These are the values that built the middle class and made our country strong. They're the values of everyday Canadians.

Click to download a pdf of the USW's Fairness Works leaflet.

People Will Listen... If You Speak Up

Most Canadians believe unions are important for protecting the interests of employees and achieving greater fairness and equality in our society. Still, opponents of unions have made many people think unions (and 'union bosses') are harmful and to be feared.

When our members talk about unions, we find most people can recognize that:

You know what the stakes are. You can make a difference. Talk it up. Join the millions of conversations that we are starting across our country.