Jagmeet Singh and the NDP – USW Election Brochure

First page of the USW 2021 election brochureJagmeet Singh and the NDP – Results for Workers

Steelworkers Vote!

“Jagmeet and the NDP team are holding the Liberals to account and getting results for workers – especially during the pandemic. When we send more New Democrats to Ottawa, they get results.” – Ken Neumann, USW National Director

Strong Unions Mean Good Jobs

The NDP is clear: it should be easier to join a union. The NDP fights for workers’ rights. They have a better jobs plan that will create more than a million good jobs.

Fighting For Us During the Pandemic

Jagmeet and the NDP fought for and won supports to protect jobs, help workers who lost their jobs and provide paid sick days.

Protecting Pensions

While Liberals and Conservatives help CEOs and shareholders keep their stock options, Jagmeet and the NDP will
put workers and retirees at the front of the line in bankruptcies.

Care Guarantee

The NDP has a plan to strengthen the health care you and your family need with more supports for mental health, affordable prescription drugs, dental care and a plan to fix long-term care.

Indigenous Reconciliation

Jagmeet Singh and the NDP will fully implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action.

Vote Early

No need to wait until election day to vote! Go to elections.ca to confirm you’re registered to vote and get information on ways to vote.

Liberals Let Us Down

Conservatives: No Friends of Workers

  • Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is no friend of workers.
  • He proposed a law to make it harder for workers to get their pensions and benefits if their employer claims bankruptcy.
  • Like the Liberals, Conservatives put their corporate friends and donors ahead of workers.

This election, let’s get results for workers. Let’s elect Jagmeet Singh and the NDP.

“New Democrats are focused on fighting for people. Just as we have done every day of this pandemic. And we won’t stop fighting – for your families, for good jobs and a healthier environment. Every day, we are fighting for you.” – NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

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