Voting Guide

Monday, Sept. 20 is election day.

Polls are open for 12 hours on election day, though times vary by time zone.

Here’s some handy information in case members or locals reach out about voting.

Find Your Riding

Steelworkers! Find your electoral district and local candidates by entering your postal code on the Elections Canada website.

Or use the Elections Canada Voter Information Service.

Ways to Vote

There are many ways to vote. You can vote now at your local Elections Canada office (until Sept. 14), vote by mail, vote at the advance polls or vote on election day.

To vote now, find your local Elections Canada office and vote in-person. No appointment is required. Bring ID. Local Elections Canada offices are open seven days a week. This option is available until Sept. 14.

To vote by mail, you have to complete an application (this is called voting by special ballot).

You must apply as soon as possible to allow time for your special ballot voting kit to reach you, and for your marked ballot to reach Elections Canada by election day, Monday, Sept. 20.

Once your application to vote by mail is approved, you can't change your mind and vote at advance polls or on election day.

Learn more about ways to vote from Elections Canada.

Bring Identification

You can use the Elections Canada website to register to vote or to confirm you are registered to vote:

If you are voting in-person, bring identification with you. Bring one piece of identification with your photo, name and address, for example, your driver’s licence. Or bring two pieces, one with your name, and one with your name and address, for example, your voter information card and a utility bill. Visit the Elections Canada website to see a list of acceptable identification.

You do not have to be on the voters’ list to vote. You can take identification with you to the polling station, register and vote on election day.

Election Day: Monday, Sept. 20

Polls are open for 12 hours on Election Day, Monday, Sept. 20.

By law, everyone who is eligible to vote must have three consecutive hours to cast their vote on election day. If your hours of work do not allow for three consecutive hours to vote, your employer must give you time off.

Learn more on the Elections Canada website – FAQs: Time off to vote

Remember to bring identification with you when you go to vote.