District 3 Political Action Network

The United Steelworkers is an activist union, determined and committed to the fight for economic and social justice in Canada and around the world.

The District 3 Political Action Network will engage Steelworkers across Western Canada who are or who would like to get involved in political action and advocacy campaigns around worker issues: safer workplaces, protections for wages and pensions, better trade laws, social programs and more.

The Network will be active in volunteer efforts to elect Steelworkers to federal, provincial, and municipal governments. We are mobilizing for economic and social justice and we encourage USW members to get involved in Steelworkers Vote activities during elections and in between.

The D3 Political Action Network will use a private Slack channel, and only members can see who is in the channel and what is posted. Slack is easy to join and offers both web and app-based access so you can stay connected wherever you are.

Ready to join?

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