Meet Mayson Fulk – District 6 Trans Liaison

Mayson Fulk became a Steelworker in 2012 when he was hired at Leggett and Platt Automotive in London, Ontario. He serves as a trustee and the recording secretary with Local 2699, a trustee on the Southwest Area Council Human Rights Committee and the District 6 Human Rights Committee.

In 2015, he began his workplace gender transition. Having gone through his own workplace transition, he understands the unique issues and complications that can arise in the workplace during this time.

While the transitioning process is not simple, it can go much more smoothly when everyone is informed and educated. 

Many workers have shared these same struggles while transitioning on the job, so Mayson’s aim is to create more supportive workplaces, and local unions and members who can work in solidarity.

That is why the USW and Mayson have developed a USW Workplace Transition Guide.

Additionally, as the D6 Trans Liaison, he is available to anyone who needs information, assistance or support.

Whether you are a unit chair or staff person looking for the best way to support your member in transition, a member looking for guidance or support, or even a member with a transitioning loved one, please feel free to contact Mayson.

Anyone may contact Mayson confidentially: