District 6 Steelworker Summer 2017

Steelworker Summer is an educational and training placement in which participants develop skills useful for union growth by experiencing firsthand the kinds of struggles workers face while trying to win a voice at work and in the community. It is also designed to give participants an understanding and appreciation of the positive impact of unions on the lives of working people.

Steelworker Summer is a program for young adults who want firsthand experience working for social justice. Ideally, participants will remain active after Steelworker Summer by educating others about the value of the labour movement, possibly forming student/labour action coalitions, becoming union organizers, or contributing in some other way to the labour movement.

Placements are open to young adults, 17-25 years of age who are children or grandchildren of members or retired members of the United Steelworkers, and who are currently enrolled in an education program.

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The Canadian National Office also offers placements, which you can apply for separately.