Staff Directory

United Steelworkers Canadian National Office

234 Eglinton Avenue East, 8th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 1K7
Tel.: 416-487-1571
Fax: 416-482-5548


Ken Neumann, National Director

Secretary to the National Director:
Sarah-Louise Quig

Assistant to the National Director:
Mark Rowlinson

Administrative Assistant to the National Director:
Alexandra Eshelman

Financial Administrator:
Yana Sverdlin

National Locals:
Troy Lundblad

National Locals - Local 1944:
Jayson Little

Rick Leblanc

Wood Council Chair:
Jeff Bromley (Burnaby)

SOAR (Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees)

National SOAR Coordinator:
Doug MacPherson (retired)

Support Staff:
Monica Mark

Communications and Political Action Department

Department Head:
Bob Gallagher

Staff Representatives:
Clairandrée Cauchy (District 5, Montreal)
Kim Hume
Denis St. Pierre
Brett Barden (District 3, Burnaby)

Senior Resource Technician:
Lesley Stodart

Support Staff:
Nicole Desnoyers

Legislative Office

280 rue Albert St. Suite 100
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5G8
Tel.: 613-731-6315
Fax: 613-731-0233

Government Liaison - Lobbyist:
Pat Van Horne

New Media & Information Technology Department

Department Head:
Shannon Devine

Staff Representatives: 
Frank Linhares
Dhananjai "DJ" Kohli

Resource Technicians:
David Cantatore
Lorei Leigh De Los Reyes (on leave)
Laura Nguyen
Jamie Olmsted

Support Staff:
Lindsay Kellin

Global Affairs and Workplace Issues Department

Department Head:
Doug Olthuis

Staff Representatives:
Carole Jodoin (District 5, Montreal)
Laura Ramirez

Education and Project Officer:
Guillaume Charbonneau

Support Staff:
Mustapha Makri

Education & Equality Department

Department Head:
Adriane Paavo

Staff Representatives:
Kai Lai - Equality Issues
Maude Raîche (District 5, Montreal)
Dayna Sykes (District 3, Burnaby)

District 6 Education Co-ordinator:
Jackie Edwards

Support Staff:
Lindsay Kellin

Health, Safety and Environment Department

Department Head:
Gerry LeBlanc

District 6 Safety, Health and Environment Coordinator:
Sylvia Boyce

Staff Representatives:
Isabelle Hébert (District 5, Montreal)

Resource Technician:
Al Hedd

Support Staff:
Sabrina Singh

Legal Department

Canadian Counsel:
Robert Healey

Cathy Braker
Debra Burton (District 3, Burnaby) 
Shaheen Hirani
Katrina Peddle
Daniel Daigle

Articling Student:
Amanda Hawkins

Support Staff:
Daniela Borchardt
Stephanie Buongiorno

Organizing Department

Department Head:

Staff Representatives:
Robin Saini

Support Staff:
Monica Mark

Research, Public Policy & Bargaining Support

Department Head:
Alex McKinnon (Steelworkers' Benefit Plan)

Staff Representatives:
Roch Drapeau (District 5, Montreal)
Meg Gingrich
Shawn Harris (District 3, Burnaby - Job Evaluation)
Guio Jacinto
Shaker Jamal
Matthew O'Reilly
Martin L'Abbée (District 5, Montreal - Job Evaluation & Pay Equity)

Resource Technician:
Lisa Bertoncini

Support Staff:
Bonita Bonia