POSTPONED: Solidarity in Hard Times: Solidarity Looks Like This


Solidarity in Hard Times logoThe conferences "A Fair and Equitable Recovery" and "Solidarity Looks Like This" have been postponed due to a serious network issue and will be rescheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to connecting with you as soon as we can.

Steelworkers have faced a lot during this pandemic. We’ve been laid off and we’ve been declared essential. We’ve helped our kids and elders adapt to online school and medical appointments. We’ve confronted COVID at work and some of us have even gotten sick. We’ve learned how to stay safe at work and in our communities. 

Throughout it all, we’ve cared for one another. Whether it’s lobbying for paid sick days, standing against racism, bargaining good contracts, or supporting a co-worker who is struggling to cope, we stand in solidarity with others. 

That’s why we are happy to introduce a series of three online one-day conferences built around the theme of “Solidarity in Hard Times”. This series of online events will give us the opportunity to meet virtually and exchange ideas on how Steelworkers support one another and our communities during these unusual times.

Please stay tuned for more information on the third conference: Solidarity Looks Like This