Human Rights & Equity

Promoting more justice for workers who are Indigenous, racialized, women, LGBTQ2SIA+ and/or living with a disability.

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Health & Safety

Defending members, negotiating safer and healthier working conditions and lobbying for better regulations and standards.

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Protecting the environment and promoting innovation to drive the creation of good union jobs and a sustainable economy.

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Worker friendly policies

Fighting for protections, fair wages and pensions, healthy workplaces, job creation, better trade, social programs and more.

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Young Workers

Inspiring and educating young workers through mentoring, leadership development, and union and community activism.

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Women's Rights

Demanding equality, we fight for pay equity, combat harassment, and offer training and development to women.

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Healthy Communities

Supporting workers, their families and neighbours through community activism—across Canada and around the world.

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Our Retirees

The Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR) is a voice for USW retirees and their families.

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Our veterans

Resources, camaraderie, and support for United Steelworkers who served or are currently serving.

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Worker in a hard hat and high vis jacket in the forest beside a logging truck.

Forestry is for everyone

Members of the United Steelworkers union are calling on the federal government to urgently update the Softwood Lumber Action Plan, released in 2017. This assistance package is needed now to help stem the tide of job loss and stabilize and grow the sector for the future.

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Illustration of a group of diverse women

Raising the bar on women’s health and safety

Most workplaces and safety equipment have been designed to suit male workers. When we take women into account, we make workplaces safer. Steelworkers pride ourselves on being the health and safety union. Women of Steel are pointing to hazards and health issues they face as women workers. Let’s make women’s health and safety issues a priority for action!

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Healthcare worker in safety goggles and mask

Essential Everyday

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone the spotlight on the difficult and dangerous working conditions that our members face on a daily basis. Governments across Canada have responded to these challenges by putting in place temporary wage increases that selectively apply to some workers and not others. These wage increases should apply to all employees involved in providing care. Furthermore, your work does not stop being essential whenever the pandemic ends, and neither should your pay increase.

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