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Jagmeet and the NDP stand with unionized workers

April 27, 2023 | News Articles
Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh addressing 2023 USW National Policy Convention

At the United Steelworkers union National policy Conference, Federal New Democratic Party (NDP) Leader Jagmeet Singh joined two members of USW’s Next Generation program for young workers, in a featured conversation. Singh noted the importance of unions and the strength of the USW specifically.

“Fair wages don’t come from generous bosses; they come from strong unions,” said Singh. “The best ticket to the middle class is a union card.”

By securing a supply-and-confidence agreement with the federal government, Singh and the NDP have already delivered more help for people, including 10 days of paid sick leave, support for housing, dental care and affordable child care. For this year, the NDP has secured commitments for an expansion of dental care, a framework for affordable medication through pharmacare and long-awaited anti-scab legislation.

“Our agreement with the government is like a collective agreement. We’ve got commitments on paper; now we have to fight every day to make sure they deliver,” said Singh.

Singh reiterated his commitment to put good union jobs at the centre of the move toward a lower-carbon economy. And he is demanding that workers be at the table with government every step of the way.

“We’ve got to go after greedy CEOs. Workers’ wages need to keep up with inflation. Anything less is a cut,” said Singh.

“In just the last year, Jagmeet and his team had our backs in our fight for a better deal for airport security screeners,” said USW National Director Marty Warren. “And they were there for Local 1944’s fights for a better deal from TELUS, too.”

Jagmeet was encouraged by the USW’s campaign to make anti-scab legislation a reality. He thanked Steelworkers for their commitment and for their continued solidarity in fighting for better lives for all workers.

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