Forms for Local Union Officers

Form 142C Local Union Supplies Requisition
fillable PDF
Travel Reimbursement Policy (May 2022)
2022 PDF
Form 7894C Salary, Lost Time & Expense Voucher
PDF front   PDF back   Excel
Form R115 Dues Remittance
Excel   PDF

Form 112C Financial Secretary Cash Book        
includes monthly and annual reports

1 page    Excel
2 page    Excel
4 page    Excel
6 page    Excel
10 page    Excel
15 page with 20 savings  Excel
15 page with 36 savings  Excel

Form 431C Individual Earning Sheets
1 name    PDF
25 Names    Excel
50 Names    Excel
Form 274 Monthly Financial Statement
Excel     PDF
Form 251ARC Annual Report
Excel     PDF
Form 111 Treasurer Cash Book
Large local    Excel
Small local    Excel
Treasurer Monthly Report
Xlarge local    Excel    PDF
Large local     Excel    PDF
Small local     Excel    PDF
Xsmall local    Excel    PDF
Trustee Quarterly Audit Program        
Form 265 Audit Committee Quarterly Report 
Excel PDF
Form 265-AC Reconcilement of Other Bank Accounts
Excel PDF
Form F-266 List of Fixed Assets
Large local    Excel    PDF
Small local    Excel    PDF
Form SD112C Strike & Defense Ledger Sheets
1 sheet    PDF    
Xlarge local    Excel    
Large local    Excel    
Small local    Excel
Bank Reconciliation - 1 page
Excel    PDF
Bank Reconciliation - 2 page
Excel   PDF
Bank Reconciliation - 3 page
Excel    PDF