Funding for Participation of Steelworkers of Aboriginal Ancestry in the National Inquiry

The USW will provide some financial support to Steelworkers of Aboriginal ancestry who have suffered the loss of a family member and want to attend and/or give testimony at a hearing (or truth finding gathering) of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

The USW has named a Coordinator to assist and facilitate the participation of Steelworkers of Aboriginal ancestry in the National Inquiry.

Members who are interested in applying for financial support or learning more about how they can take part in the National Inquiry should contact USW’s National Inquiry Coordinator, Carolyn Szilva, at or at (705) 207 8515.

Carolyn is a member of USW 2020 in Sudbury, ON where she works as a registered psychotherapist offering services in both English and French. She is of Métis ancestry.

Because we have a limited amount of funds, the coordinator will work with members and their local unions to make the money go as far as possible, and to help access other sources of financial support, where possible.

The National Inquiry may provide ways for families to tell their stories without having to attend a truth finding gathering. The National Inquiry is inviting family members, loved ones, and survivors to reach out and identify themselves by e-mailing with their name, contact information, and location.

Visit the National Inquiry’s web site.