Affordable Childcare - the NDP Commitment

Parents have waited too long for affordable childcare. New Democrats are ready to make it happen. Thomas Mulcair and the New Democrats are making affordable childcare a key plank of the NDP platform for the 2015 federal election.

Mulcair's plan for $15-a-day childcare will benefit kids, families, women and our economy. As a former Quebec Cabinet Minister, Tom saw firsthand how affordable childcare helps families and boosts the economy. 70,000 more women are in the workforce since affordable childcare came to Quebec. Our economy grows $2 for every $1 invested in childcare.

For two decades, Liberals and Conservatives have repeatedly promised action on childcare and failed to deliver. Stephen Harper promised to create 125,000 new childcare spaces. But he's failed to deliver even one.

With the NDP commitment, quality, affordable, accessible childcare is just one election away.

Steelworkers are on board with the NDP's plan - we're working with other unions and advocacy groups on the Rethink Child Care campaign to put childcare back on the agenda.

Add your name to support Tom Mulcair and the NDP’s Plan for Affordable Childcare.

The NDP's Affordable Childcare Plan


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