USW Teck Chain Locals Conclude Successful Strategic Meeting

The United Steelworkers "Teck Chain" has concluded two days of successful and productive meetings in Trail, B.C. where local unions came together to discuss a number of issues important to Steelworkers who are employed by Teck Resources.

USW Locals 7619, 1-424, 480, 7884, 9346, 9705, 7284, joined by District 3 Director Stephen Hunt, Staff Representatives Dean Lott, Keith Turcotte, Sean Ball, along with District Staff Ron Corbeil, Jessie Uppal and Brad West were all part of the strategic discussions that took place.

The importance of standing together, shoulder to shoulder was recognized by the leadership of all USW locals.  Each local spoke to the increasingly aggressive attacks by Teck.  Their approach is obvious, and plain to see, they are seeking to divide Steelworkers in the hopes of picking us off one by one.  They believe by doing so they will be able to achieve unprecedented rollbacks.

In the run up to bargaining, Teck always begins to cry poverty.  And right now, it's no different.  It's the same, old, tired message they've always tried.  And just like in the past, it's not supported by any facts.  Teck's own audited financial statements clearly show that they are an extremely profitable corporation that continues to net massive profits each quarter.

Now, more than ever, every Steelworker in every Teck operation needs to stand together.  It's how we achieved what each member currently enjoys in his or her collective agreement, and it's how we'll continue to make progress at the bargaining table.

Coming out of the meetings there is a strong commitment to speak with one voice and stand united and together.  The leadership of all USW locals is working in solidarity to coordinate its efforts to ensure that Steelworkers employed in every Teck operation are treated with the respect and fairness they deserve. 

Other key issues that were discussed included:

  • The inappropriate use of temporary foreign workers
  • Apprenticeships
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental issues, including an update on the Mount Polley tailings dam failure
  • Drug testing

The Teck Chain represents nearly 5,000 members in British Columbia.  



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