SOAR announces the LYNN WILLIAMS Award for Service


To be awarded annually to a Canadian SOAR member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership, and commitment to the mandate (purpose) of SOAR as described in our bylaws.

MANDATE: Article II - Purpose

The organization shall concern itself with and deal with the social, economic, educational, legislative, and political developments and concerns of its members and spouses, the United Steelworkers and the labour movement. In addition, the purpose of the organization is to better the communities in which said memberslive, to advance in every way the policies of the United Steelworkers, and to engage in political and legislative action directed at bettering our nations and safeguarding and enhancing the economic security and general wellbeing of its members and older and retired persons in general through educational, legislative, political, civic, social, community and other activities.


Members or chapters are requested to submit in writing the names of potential nominees with a written submission not to exceed 500 words outlining the reasons why, in their opinion the person submitted is worthy of the award and outlining that person's accomplishments, and participation in the activities as set out in the purpose of the organization. Such submission is to be received in the National Office no later than September 9, 2015. Please mail to Doug MacPherson, SOAR, 234 Eglinton Ave., E., 8th Flr., Toronto ON M4P 1K7.


The Canadian board, comprising, the Vice president, district board members, national coordinator and district coordinators shall independently review the submissions and then in a meeting (by conference call or other method) discuss the merits of the submissions and by majority vote determine the successful recipient. Their decision shall be final and binding.

The successful recipient shall be notified, as will all chapters, of the name of the successful recipient and the presentation shall be made at an appropriate event.


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