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After decades of damage from Conservative and Liberal governments, we have a chance to make a difference for workers and the middle class by electing the first-ever New Democratic government with Tom Mulcair as Prime Minister. Tom Mulcair’s plan includes positive, practical ideas for a better Canada.

$15 Federal Minimum Wage

No one should work full-time and still fall below the poverty line. Only Tom Mulcair’s NDP is  proposing fairness with a $15 federal minimum wage.

Better Pensions

More than 11 million Canadians don’t even have a workplace pension plan. Only Tom Mulcair’s NDP will restore retirement to age 65 and strengthen the CPP.

Good Jobs

There are still 200,000 more people looking for work than before the recession. Tom Mulcair’s plan will kick-start manufacturing, help small business and create good, skilled jobs.


Liberals promised national childcare in 1991 but never delivered during 13 years in power. Stephen Harper’s universal childcare benefit doesn’t begin to cover the cost. Only Tom Mulcair’s NDP will deliver a $15-a-day affordable childcare program.

Repeal Bill C-51

Canadians are angered by Harper’s secret spy bill, C-51, rubberstamped by the Liberals, that infringes on our rights and freedoms. Only Tom Mulcair’s NDP voted against Harper’s secret spy bill and will repeal it.

CEOs – Pay Your Share

Only Tom Mulcair’s NDP will address inequality by closing tax loopholes for CEOs and use the proceeds to end child poverty.

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Steelworkers Vote Leaflet 2015.

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