What Vale workers say in their own words being in a union is like.

Darren Cove

“Being part of the USW while working for Vale is a very simple decision. Yes, I cannot see any other way.”

“Legitimate workplace issues like fair treatment, getting proper protective equipment and gloves or scheduling are all things that a union would not let go unchallenged. It’s worth it."
Darren Cove, President at Vale in Voisey’s Bay Labrador. USW Local 9508


Rick Bertrand

“Working for a multi-national company like Vale, it is important for us to be part of a strong international union like the Steelworkers. The Steelworkers represent workers across North America and have allies around the world. Having a global reach with other unions gives us the power and the voice to fight for workers’ rights.”
Rick Bertrand, President at Vale in Sudbury Ontario. USW Local 6500

Les Ellsworth

“The USW is a union with 50 years' worth of experience in representing and negotiating good contracts with Vale and its predecessor INCO. You are at a new facility and shouldn’t have to try to fight to reinvent the wheel in order to bring your rights and benefits up to the same levels as the other three Vale facilities in Canada. Workers can do better by sticking together and belonging to the best union in the world and that is the USW."
Les EllsworthPresident at Vale in Thompson, Manitoba. USW Local 6166.

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