Billy Saint-Pierre Recognized as Jefferson Award Winner for District 5

District 5 - Billy Saint-Pierre, Local 9490, Quebec

Billy Saint-PierreBilly Saint-Pierre’s great sense of humor and dedication to integrity make him a standout in District 5 in Quebec, Canada. During the 2012 Rio Tinto lockout in Alma, Billy was incredibly active on social media. He even created a character known as “Super Métallo” (Super Steelworker), donning a cape and mask and publishing videos online featuring the superhero’s adventures.

The light-hearted approach to campaigning brought some much needed fun to a conflict that proved to be very difficult. Billy learned from his time as a Canadian Army reservist not to neglect efforts to conserve positive morale. This is how Super Métallo was born.

“He changed in a chemical toilette instead of Superman’s traditional phone booth,” Billy said. “It’s a character that’s stuck to me, minus the smell of the chemical toilette.”

Not only does Billy go above and beyond to help his own fellow union members, but he also does everything he can to fight for all workers.

A large group of automobile dealership mechanics in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint region, who were members of an independent union, endured a three-year long lockout. During this hard time, a radio program host announced on air that he would not be covering the conflict or the workers’ perspective. To Billy, this behavior was unjust, and he filed a complaint with the Quebec Press Council in January 2015, citing a violation of ethical standards and a lack of journalistic objectivity.

This commitment to workers’ rights across the board shows just how one person can make a difference. We are all brothers and sisters, and Billy lives out that ideal in the real world every day.

“Thanks to the solidarity that we’ve created with different unions and thanks to the Steelworkers who are never afraid to roll up their sleeves to defend the working class, our strength is growing,” Billy said. “We must continue to denounce injustice and get involved. Together, everything is possible!”

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