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Thomas Mulcair Slams TPP as 'Attack on Canada's manufacturing sector'

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair denounced the TPP pact signed by 12 Pacific Rim countries as an attack against Canada's manufacturing sector and an assault on Canada's farming supply management system.

"Canadians deserve better," said Mulcair of a deal that he said was signed in secret by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper but rejected by even U.S. Republicans as well as Hillary Clinton.

He was joined by the NDP's international trade critic Tracey Ramsey, whose constituency of Windsor Essex was a one-time manufacturing hub that is now suffering from high unemployment thanks in part to previous trade deals that have undermined Canadian manufacturing jobs.

"We know that the TPP will jeopardize 20,000 jobs in the auto sector," sad Ramsey, adding that it would lock in property rights benefiting major American corporations to the detriment of Canadians and lock in high drug prices.

She also slammed the new Liberal government for "refusing to fight for a better deal."

Mulcair tied in his TPP criticisms to ongoing inequality in Canadian society and his party's ongoing fight for good jobs, promising that he would hold the Liberal government to account on both its ratification of the TPP and its upcoming federal budget plans.

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