On April 4th Saskatchewan Decides

It's Time to Put Everday Saskatchewan Families First

After a decade of resource wealth, are everyday Saskatchewan families better off? Take a look at your bank statement. You know the answer. You know that it’s time for a change.

It’s time for a government that puts your priorities and your families first.

Cam Broten and the New Democrats will make the economy work for you and your family. That means investing in infrastructure, manufacturing and the resource sector to create good jobs in Saskatchewan. And by cutting taxes for all but the wealthiest 3%, keeping utilities affordable and protecting against usage-based internet billing, Cam and the NDP will be putting money back in your pockets, where it belongs.

A New Democrat government will also invest in the public services Saskatchewan families need. By cutting back on high-paid, senior administrators and expensive, external consultants, an NDP government will be able to provide more healthcare staff for patients at bedsides. That’s what you get when you put the priorities of Saskatchewan families first.

On April 4th, you can do just that by voting for Cam Broten and the Saskatchewan New Democrats.

To find your constituency and where to vote, visit: http://vote.elections.sk.ca/

Download leaflets and information package below:
Saskatchewan Election Leaftlet 1 (PDF)
Saskatchewan Election Leaftlet 2 (PDF)

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