Pensioners First!

Steelworkers know that workers deserve better. We have always fought for workers first, ahead of corporations.

When companies go bankrupt, it’s the workers who lose out. Not only are workers at risk of losing their livelihoods, money set aside for future pensions and retirement benefits are too often redistributed to shareholders and creditors ahead of those who did the work.

This leaves countless families struggling financially to meet health care costs and basic living expenses when they had counted on workplace pensions and health benefits being there when they retired.

Why are workers still low on the list when companies file for protection under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA)? We need to end this unfairness.

Steelworkers have long fought for changes – to put pensions and benefits first, ahead of company lenders and shareholders, when companies are restructured or go bankrupt. USW has called for a public inquiry into corporate restructuring law.

Sign the petition to ask the government to make pensions a priority when companies enter restructuring under the CCAA. Let’s show our solidarity for our brothers and sisters at Cliffs Natural Resources in Quebec who are going through this right now. Let’s Stand Up for Steel for our brothers and sisters at U.S. Steel (Stelco) and Essar Steel Agloma who are losing out under CCAA.

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