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Charities in Canada play a critical role.

Canadians look to environmental, health, international development and social justice groups to help express their views and advocate for a better world.

Over the years, charities have helped make Canada a better place, through progress as diverse as ending acid rain, reducing drinking and driving, eliminating smoking in the workplace and introducing cancer screening standards.

However, the previous federal government launched public attacks against many charities whose views it disagreed with, compromising the ability of these charities to voice Canadians’ concerns about key issues.

Our laws must be changed to prevent the federal government from harassing charities and inhibiting the invaluable work they do for the public good.

The federal government allows corporations to spend freely on lobbying, advertising and any kind of political activity and to deduct 100% of those expenses from their income.

It’s time to level the playing field between corporations and the charities that speak for Canadians.

While in opposition, the Liberals committed to end the attacks on charities. It’s time to see those words turn into action.

The government is in the midst of a Canada-wide public consultation on the rules governing charities.

You only have until November 25 to have your say!

Act now and add your voice to our campaign!

Show the government you value the role charities play in securing public policies that improve the lives of all Canadians.


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