Steelworkers Settle Resco Strike, Save DB Pension Plan

Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, Que. – USW Local 6213 at refractory brick manufacturer Resco is the latest group of Quebec Steelworkers to beat back corporate demands for two-tier pensions plans.

The Resco workers hit the picket line in June after rejecting company demands for a two-tier pension system that would eliminate the defined benefit plan for new hires.

After more than three months on strike, Local 6213 members yesterday ratified a tentative agreement that preserves the defined benefit pension plan for all workers. With the company threatening imminent closure of the plant, the strikers stood up for the next generation by accepting a contract with some concessions for all employees, rather than a substandard pension plan for new hires.

“We are returning with our heads held high,” Local 6213 President Alain Desjardins said of the settlement at Resco.

“We obviously had to make some sacrifices as we were under the very real threat of closure, but we came a long way from what was initially demanded of us. We preserved the pension plan for future generations, and we are proud of that.”

Local 6213 is the fourth Steelworkers group in Quebec in recent months to successfully take on the two-tier pension fight for the next generation of workers.

Previous victories were achieved by Steelworkers Local 6658 at Ciment Lafarge, Local 6586 at ArcelorMittal and Local 6506 at Bradken.

Quebec Steelworkers also are playing a leading role in a campaign calling for legislation to ban two-tier pension plans in the province’s workplaces.


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