USW Cares: SOAR Member Answers Call to Action

When SOAR member Fred Girling received compensation for his late wife, Donna, who had received tainted blood in a transfusion, he thought he was going to move on with his life. However, a call to action soon came knocking on his door. 

Fred learned that there were still families of the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), contracted from receiving tainted blood transfusions, which have not been properly compensated. To make matters worse, the federal government was trying to recoup the excess money from the compensation fund instead of compensating victims and their families.

Fred soon got to work, and with the help of a lawyer, an online petition was started, with Fred as the primary sponsor. The online petition calls on the federal government to properly compensate the victims of HCV who were infected before 1986 and after 1990. The petition is among the top 10% in performance of responses to an online petition.

As the case continues to be heard in the courts, Fred continues to garner support through his online petition. Fred has also written to his local Member of Parliament for additional support and attends the court hearings of the on-going case.

In addition, thanks to Fred’s work, the issue has moved forward. Fred’s SOAR Chapter 3-14, along with the BC Federation of Retired Union Members (BCFORUM), has sent a resolution on the issue to the National Pensioners’ Federation’s 72nd Annual Convention.

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