Women of Steel Quilt Block Challenge

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Women of Steel in District 6, the D6 Women’s Committee is making a quilt. We are asking women/women’s committees across the District to submit a quilt block. Each block should be reflective of the women in your area and showcase the talents of Sisters of Steel. 

Challenge your women’s committee to design a block. You can use the fabric provided in this kit or design a block using your own materials. The only stipulation is that the finished block must measure 12½” X 12½” square. 

If your committee is interested in participating in this quilt block challenge, send an email to womenofsteel6@gmail.com. We will send you a package with materials and instructions.  

Cost to buy quilt block package: $10:00


  1. We invite all quilters to respond to this quilt block challenge.
  2. The kit includes the following fabrics which are to be incorporated into your block:
    14” square of white fabric           
    10” square of blue fabric              
    10” square of other fabric
    10” square of yellow fabric          
    10” square of other fabric
  3. Submitted square must be 12 ½” square. This includes ¼” seam allowance.
  4. Do not wash fabric. Do not finish your quilt block.
  5. Completed blocks must be received by post marked by: March 25, 2017.

Send completed block to: 

United Steelworkers
1158 Aerowood Drive
Mississauga, ON
L4W 1Y5
Attn: Mary Lou Scott

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to receiving your completed block!

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