Guy Caron Is Best Choice for NDP Leader: USW Leadership

United Steelworkers Directors Ken Neumann, Marty Warren and Stephen Hunt released the following statement on 1 September 2017:

As leaders of the United Steelworkers, we believe that the next leader of the NDP must be a strong voice for working men and women across Canada. To that end, we have sought to engage our members in this leadership contest. The USW sponsored a lively leadership debate that included all the candidates. Our members also engaged with the candidates in USW-organized interactive telephone town halls. We are delighted by the many USW members who have taken this opportunity to join the NDP or to renew their membership to help choose our next leader.

USW has been impressed by each of the candidates and we value our strong labour connections and friendships with Charlie Angus, Niki Ashton, Jagmeet Singh and Guy Caron.

Among this strong field we, as leadership in USW, believe Guy Caron is the best choice for the future of the NDP. Guy Caron is an articulate social democrat with the vision, principles and political abilities to advance the interests of working Canadians and form the first-ever federal NDP government.

Guy is clearly the best-placed candidate to build on Jack Layton’s hard-fought breakthrough in Quebec with a social democracy built on progressive movements and working class issues and solutions. While other candidates are bilingual; only Guy is a strong communicator in both English and French.

“Guy has introduced strong policy ideas during this race. His basic income proposal is a bold and thoughtful measure for eliminating poverty in Canada,” said Ken Neumann, USW National Director.

“The Steelworkers particularly salute Guy for his visionary Workers First policy. This set of measures shows that Guy has the knowledge and commitment to drive an economic and jobs agenda that progressive Canadians have long been waiting for,” emphasized Marty Warren, USW District Director for Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

“We need a leader who is personable, likable and authentic. Like other leadership candidates, Guy scores highly on these traits. However, we also need policy depth and working class grounding that will carry across the country. Guy is the leader that provides these strengths,” said Stephen Hunt, USW District Director for Western Canada.

Guy has demonstrated strong leadership skills on the debating stage, challenging his opponents effectively yet respectfully. He will be tough on Justin Trudeau and he will take on Andrew Scheer.

We encourage debate within the Steelworkers and respect individual members’ opinions, particularly concerning Quebec politics. We cherish democracy within our union and respect those choices.

Based on background, experience, proposals and ability to lead us towards a social democratic government in Canada, we strongly support Guy Caron for Leader of the New Democratic Party.

Ken Neumann
USW National Director

Marty Warren
USW District 6 Director

Stephen Hunt
USW District 3 Director

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