USW Cares: Langley Steelworkers Participate in Weekend Fuel

USW Local 1944, Unit 60 recently took part in fundraising for the Adopt-A-School program. The program aims to provide food for breakfast and lunch programs at participating schools in B.C.

This is the local unit’s fourth year raising funds for the Adopt-A-School program, with Steelworker Corey Mandryk taking the lead in organizing efforts. Previous year’s fundraising provided the food served to children at various schools around the Lower Mainland for the entire school year.

This year, Steelworkers are building an outdoor eating area for the breakfast and lunch program at H.D. Stafford Middle School, which serves over 60 children each day. Many of the students in this program are newcomers to Canada. Having a safe, welcoming place to eat will promote a sense of community among the students from all backgrounds for many years to come.

Over the course of the year, the local unit raised a total of $3,650, with the employer matching the funds 100%, bringing this year’s total to just over $7,000.
This year’s total is also the highest amount that the local unit has raised since their first year of participation.

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