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Nanticoke Steelworker Norm Jamison Made History with NDP in 1990

By Daniel Nolan

No one believed Norm Jamison would win — including Norm Jamison.

The Nanticoke steelworker had doubts he could win Norfolk riding for the New Democrats and unseat longtime Liberal incumbent MPP Gord Miller in the 1990 provincial election. He ran unsuccessfully for the NDP against Miller in 1987.

But a series of circumstances — including angry voters and bad timing by the governing Liberals — conspired against them and helped Jamison make history in the conservative-minded rural riding.

He and 73 of his colleagues were elected in an Orange wave on Sept. 6, 1990, ushering in Ontario's first, and so far only, NDP government.

"Just think about it," the victorious, and obviously elated, Jamison said to supporters and reporters election night. "This is the first time that Norfolk went to the NDP. That says it all, don't you think?"

But just as easily as the New Democrats came into power, they were ousted five years later by a Progressive Conservative sweep. Jamison — who died Oct. 3 at 67 at his Port Rowan home after a battle with liver cancer — was ousted by Conservative Toby Barrett, who is marking 22 years in office this year.

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