The Canadians are coming, the Canadians are coming!

Canadian delegates to the International SOAR conference in Las Vegas on April 7-8, 2017, will have a full and active role in the proceedings – discussing and voting on all resolutions and setting policy.

This conference will see 22 delegates and a number of observers from Canada. At the 2016 Canadian SOAR conference held in Montreal, chapters with fewer than 250 members came together and elected “at large delegates” to represent the smaller chapters in their districts: Kay Noonan (Chapter 3-14, District 3) Gérard Gregoire (Chapter 5-05, District 5) and Mansell Gullis (Chapter 6-13, District 6) and Rob Clark (Chapter 6-05, District 6).

The SOAR district board members and one SOAR coordinator from each district attend as delegates because of their positions.

The number of delegates that chapters may elect is based on the size of their membership.

Chapters 3-09, 3-19, 6-02, 6-80 and 6-Sa2 each elected one delegate.
Chapters 6-07 and 6-SA1 each elected two delegates.
Chapter 6-17 elected three delegates.

Given the recent political shifts in Canada and the U.S. we can expect a very interesting and exciting conference.

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