Join the USW in saying NO to violence, harassment against women

Violence seriously impacts women workers' lives around the globe, with sexual harassment its most reported form. Violence against women is a violation of women’s human rights. It is an obstacle to gender equality. Violence against women at work is a core trade union issue affecting workers’ rights, safety, health and dignity. All forms of violence and harassment against women and all workers are unacceptable! Please sign on to the pledge, then click here to print out a version you can take to your next local union meeting and ask them to sign on, too.

I am joining my union, the USW International, in taking the IndustriALL “Say No to Violence Against Women” pledge:

  • To take a public stand against all forms of violence and harassment against women and to condemn all attitudes and actions that perpetuate sexism and violence
  • To take up the issue as a priority in our union and to allocate the necessary resources for activities aimed at preventing and combatting this violation of women’s rights
  • To foster a culture of respect for women within our union by raising the awareness of our members, staff and officials and providing education on the importance of eradicating violence and harassment in the workplace and in our union
  • To encourage our members to actively take a stand against violence and harassment against women, especially in their own workplaces
  • To organize campaigns aimed at preventing and combating violence against women
  • To demand that governments enact and enforce laws to protect women from violence
  • To demand that employers develop policies against all forms of violence and harassment at work, and promote awareness among their employees on the devastating impacts of violence against women and the importance of eradicating it
  • To demand that employers develop concrete policies and procedures to prevent and combat all forms of violence against women in their premises and supply chains, and establish safe mechanisms for women to turn to if they are assaulted or attacked at work
  • To include demands for the eradication of violence and harassment against women in our collective bargaining claims*.


*Please contact your USW staff representative for ideas for language to add to your collective bargaining agreement.

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