Quebec’s Bill 59 Is UNACCEPTABLE!

Allegedly aimed at “modernizing” Quebec’s four-decades-old occupational health and safety laws, the proposed Bill 59 actually guts existing legislation, turning back the clock on workers’ rights and protections. Bill 59 is Unacceptable flyer.
The bill, introduced in October by the conservative Coalition Avenir Québec government, is now under review in the Quebec National Assembly.

Quebec’s existing legislative provisions on workplace health and safety prevention cover less than 12% of workers in the province. Steelworkers and Quebec’s labour movement have been advocating for these measures to be extended to all workplaces. Instead, Bill 59 proposes to weaken existing safeguards, while also gutting other workplace health and safety provisions.

“This ‘reform’ would lead to a prevention regime that exists on paper only. It would weaken the ability of unions to force employers to ensure real prevention in the workplace. The real impact of on-the-ground prevention would be diminished and the compensation would be cut for injured and ill workers,” Steelworkers Quebec Director Dominic Lemieux said in condemning the proposed reforms.

Please see this page for videos and detailed information on the USW District 5 campaign against Bill 59 (in French).

Please see this page for information on the Quebec Federation of Labour campaign against Bill 59 (also in French).

Download the flyer in PDF.

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