Security Officers Win Fair Contract at Elements Casino Flamboro

Security officers at Elements Casino Flamboro in Dundas, Ont., have overcome unfair treatment by their employer and won a first contract that saves their unionized jobs.

The security officers voted to join the United Steelworkers union back in 2020, before the pandemic, to get respect and fairness at work. When the pandemic hit and the casino had to close, the employer locked out the workers rather than continuing first-contract negotiations.

The lockout was a shameless and unlawful attempt by the employer to use the pandemic to achieve the concessions it was seeking. However, In negotiating their first contract, the workers refused to accept unfair conces­sions like cuts to paid sick leave and weaker working conditions.

The workers did not give up. With the support of their union, they stuck together and achieved a fair first contract through arbitration by the Ontario Labour Relations Board. The arbitration process would not have been available to the workers if they had not joined the union.

The security officers have voted to accept a first contract that earns them 2% wage increases in each year of the four-year agreement, retroactive to 2020.

“I salute the Steelworkers of Local 2020 at Elements Casino Flamboro who outlasted the employer, stayed strong with dignity and fought hard to win fairness for the future,” said Marty Warren, USW District 6 Director.

“Even if being a union member is new to you, the Steelworkers are with you, we will support you. Together, this is how unions help workers win,” said Warren.

The first contract is a victory for the workers who succeeded in keeping their jobs and negotiating improved working conditions and decent wage increases that take effect when the casino reopens in July.

The workers are now proud members of USW Local 2020.


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