Steelworker Summer 2021 – Applications Now Open!

District 3 is happy to announce that we are offering the Steelworker Summer Program this year! It is a wonderful opportunity for Steelworkers' sons and daughters to earn some money and learn about our Union. Learn more about Steelworker Summer here.

This year the program will operate differently than in previous years.  This ensures that we are safe and following provincial health authorities and their regulations, and work requirements as per workplace safety regulations.

Eligibility will depend on the following factors:

  • The Local is an active participant in the Family and Community Education Fund.
  • The successful applicant lives in the same city/town as the Union Office hosting the Program. (No travel is allowed).
  • The Local will provide the District with a work project(s) that the successful applicant will perform during their internship.

Eligible applicants can download the registration form available online at www.usw.ca/districts/3/steelworker-summer and email their applications to ghoogeveen@usw.ca or fax (604) 688-6416.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ginette Talbot-Hoogeveen at the District 3 office at 604-683-1117 or email: ghoogeveen@usw.ca.

In solidarity,

Stephen Hunt


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