USW Expresses Rage and Sadness at the Islamophobic Hate Crime in London

The United Steelworkers union (USW) is expressing its deep condolences to the loved ones of the family who were the targets of an anti-Muslim hate crime, in London, Ontario, as well as the Muslim community who are yet again in mourning and feeling the impacts of this hate.  

On Sunday, June 6, a family of five was out for an evening walk when they were intentionally struck down by a motorist. The incident killed four family members – a grandmother, mother, father and daughter, and a nine-year-old son is in hospital with serious injuries.

“This is devastating – no one should ever have their loved ones taken away because of hate,” said USW District 6 Director Marty Warren, who represents members in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces. “We have a serious problem in this country with racism, Islamophobia, white supremacy and all forms of hate. This incident must not be treated as the isolated act of a hateful lone actor because it simply is not.”

According to recent reports, this attack is part of a series of Islamophobic actions which have targeted Muslims. From 2015 to 2019, the National Council of Canadian Muslims tracked more than 300 incidents, including more than 30 acts of physical – often extreme – violence.

This year, after four years of steady public pressure, the federal government finally announced that January 29 would be recognized as the National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack and Action Against Islamophobia, in honour of the victims of the mosque attack that killed six and seriously injured 19 men.

“Unions have a role to play in breaking down prejudices and hateful attitudes that later can become hateful acts,” said Warren. “It’s not enough to remember the victims of the past. Every day, we must work to root out discrimination and harassment on the job and we need to work even harder to stamp out hate.”

USW proudly represents 225,000 members from diverse backgrounds, including thousands of practicing Muslims, across Canada.  

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