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Building on the union’s strong legacy

Eight people, two women and six men, in a family-style portrait - the new USW leadership team in Canada. On March 1, international and district officers of the United Steelworkers were sworn into office in a ceremony at the USW headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. Here in Canada, it is the biggest leadership change in nearly two decades, signalling a renewed path and pledging to build on the union’s legacy.

New National Director for Canada, Marty Warren, comes with nine years of service as the USW District 6 Director (Ontario and Atlantic Canada). Warren has been a labour activist for three decades, joining the United Rubber Workers (URW) in 1984 while working as a tire builder at the BFGoodrich Tire plant in Kitchener, Ont.

Warren held many positions in his local union – from shop steward, to serving on the executive board, to Vice-President. Warren officially became a proud Steelworker when the USW and the URW merged in 1995. After the merger, Warren became president of USW Local 677 and led the local for six years before joining the roster of USW Staff Representatives. In April 2012, he was appointed Assistant to the District 6 Director.

As National Director, Warren has pledged a proactive and collaborative leadership approach to build on the USW’s
unmaatched legacy of defending workers’ rights and fighting for social and economic justice.

“The USW remains committed to collaborate with labour, political and civil society allies in Canada and beyond to fight for economic equality and social justice that makes life better for workers and that builds stronger communities,” said Warren.

Scott Lunny was elected as the new USW District 3 Director, serving Steelworkers in Western Canada and the Territories.
Lunny began a career as a labour, social justice and political activist in 1994. He worked for a decade for the Industrial,
Wood and Allied Workers of Canada (IWA) and became a proud Steelworker in the 2004 USW and IWA merger, in which
he played an active role in planning and implementing. He went on to serve as a USW Staff Representative, Key Staff and Assistant to the District 3 Director.

“It’s time to look forward, embrace new and fresh perspectives and bring our district together. I welcome the challenge and I’m excited to work with all local unions to deliver results for members,” said Lunny.

Dominic Lemieux was reelected as Director of USW District 5, serving Steelworkers in Quebec. Lemieux became a
Steelworker when he worked at the Stelco steel plant (now ArcelorMittal) in Contrecoeur, Que. He developed an interest
in workplace health and safety and became an activist in USW Local 6951. He went on to hold USW staff roles as a
Staff Representative, the USW Regional Co-ordinator for Quebec’s North Shore region and became the Assistant to
the District 5 Director in 2016.

“I will seek to exercise my leadership by engaging as many activists as possible within our union and in our society. Real trade union power comes from the commitment of the members and the engagement of activists,” said Lemieux.

Myles Sullivan was elected as the new Director of USW District 6, serving Steelworkers in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Sullivan joined the USW Local 2020 in 1995, working at Falconbridge (now Glencore), in Sudbury, Ont. He took on roles in his local union including health and safety rep and steward before being elected chair of his unit. He went on to become a USW Staff Representative in 2007, as USW Area Co-ordinator for northeastern Ontario in 2013 and eventually relocating to Toronto as Assistant to the District 6 Director in 2019.

“Our union is ready to confront the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and I will work tirelessly to earn the trust our members have placed in me,” said Sullivan.

Together, the new Canadian leadership team will seek to build power among the membership through collective bargaining, organizing and political action while expanding the union’s initiatives to achieve real progress on diversity, human rights, equity and women’s issues. And with our fellow Steelworkers in the United States, we will strengthen our
national and global labour solidarity alliances.

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