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Caring for Mother Earth

The art for the Steelworker Humanity Fund’s 30th Anniversary T-Shirt was painted by Zoey Wood-Salomon.  The poem she wrote to accompany the design called “Caring for Mother Earth”.


 “Caring for Mother Earth”

We walk upon the earth, the natural land
We breathe as we walk, the natural air
We thirst and depend on, the natural water
We light up our nights, cook our foods and
keep warm with the natural fire

 The Grandmothers/Grandfathers have gathered
Bringing us Love, Honesty, Respect, Bravery,
Humility, Wisdom and Truth

 Our travel journey begins in the East
Where the Sun rises bringing us warmth, vision and light
The red road takes us through life
With the 7 teachings walking by our side

 We have planted a tree in the forest
Replenishing what we have cleared
The natural roots, our roots, dig deep down
Into the earth, searching for water, searching for
Nutrients, grounding us into our Mother
For protection against the strong winds of life

 And like the fish, the bald eagle
We live side by side with
Our little brothers and sisters
Of the forest. We care for them,
Look after our plants, our water,
Our air so that we may live.


By Zoey Wood-Salomon

January 15, 2015

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