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Election 2015: Steelworkers Can Make History

Now is our chance!

Over the long weekend in August, Stephen Harper has called the election. Canadians will go to the polls on Monday, October 19.

The media has been feverish for over a week about the possibility of an early election call, and now when we’re supposed to be relaxing with our families and taking summer vacation, we are in the federal campaign.

This will be the longest-ever, most expensive election in modern Canadian history. It will also be one of the most important and exciting.

Be informed, get involved – USW federal election resources
NDP Leads in the Polls

Tom Mulcair and the New Democrats are leading the polls. The NDP can win! We have the chance in this election to elect Tom Mulcair as our Prime Minister and have the first-ever New Democratic Party federal government, a government on the side of people, communities and workers.

We must not waste this opportunity. We must work harder than ever to support and elect the NDP across Canada, for a stronger middle class and a government that’s on our side.

We have at least four USW members running for the NDP in this election:

  • Amandeep Nijjar in Vancouver South
  • Erin Weir in Regina–Lewvan
  • Scott Duvall in Hamilton Mountain
  • Claude Gravelle re-election in Nickel Belt
Only the NDP can Beat Harper’s Conservatives

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are desperate. That’s why they called this early election – because it gives them an advantage over the other parties. They have more money and can outspend and out-advertise the other parties in a longer election period.

In the last few days of July, Conservatives were all over the country making government announcements and handing out money for last-minute projects, trying to buy our votes. It won’t work.

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have had their chance. Guilty of fraud and corruption, the Conservatives have also mismanaged our economy. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are not ready and not for workers.

Tom Mulcair and the NDP are leading in the polls – earning the trust and support of Canadians across the country. Canadians want change, and the NDP is the party that can beat Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. Building on the momentum of Rachel Notley’s historic NDP victory in Alberta, we have a chance like never before to elect a progressive NDP government that’s on our side.

Tom Mulcair’s NDP: Ready for Change

Tom Mulcair’s NDP are ready. Ready to bring change. The change we need. A national $15-a-day affordable childcare program. A $15 federal minimum wage. Repeal Bill C-51. Abolish the Senate. A concrete plan for good jobs for the middle class. Retirement security for seniors.

Steelworkers Make A Difference

Steelworkers make a difference when we vote. Let’s work harder than ever. We are proud of our roots supporting the NDP since its founding in 1961. Let’s support our NDP candidates across the country. Let’s volunteer, donate, organize and mobilize our USW members to get involved in the campaign. For a stronger middle class. For a better Canada.

The NDP can win this election! Together, let’s join the Orange Wave and elect Tom Mulcair our next Prime Minister in the first-ever NDP government.

Let’s make history!

Ken Neumann
National Director

Download our USW election issue sheets: www.usw.ca/election2015. Scroll down to Materials.

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