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Message from USW National Director Ken Neumann on the 2015 Federal Election

A long campaign is finally over, and although the results are not as we had hoped, the contributions of USW members have been inspiring.

We can be proud of our USW campaign and the work we did bringing forward the issues that matter to working people: childcare, retirement security, a higher minimum wage, the dangers of Harper’s secret-spy Bill C-51.

We have recruited many new USW activists and we have begun important conversations about the connection between our union movement and political action. 

Following the election, I wrote a note to NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, to let him know that I was proud of the NDP campaign, even if the results were not what we had wanted.

Tom and his team advanced a strong and genuinely progressive agenda for change on issues that are truly important to workers: childcare, the TPP, the minimum wage, the environment and First Nations’ issues, to name a few. Throughout the campaign, Tom took strong and principled positions on difficult issues that reflect the best traditions of our party and our country.

Steelworkers and New Democrats have built a strong base of national support. We have re-elected many NDP MPs in Quebec, we have three new seats in Saskatchewan and we have significant support in B.C., Manitoba and Ontario (outside of Toronto). To hold 44 seats during a very strong red wave is a good base to build on for our party.

We are saddened to have lost so many very fine NDP MPs on October 19. However, we are pleased that two Steelworkers were elected, both running in their first federal election: Scott Duvall in Hamilton Mountain and Erin Weir in Regina–Lewvan.

We know that the NDP Caucus will do great work in Ottawa holding Liberals to their promises and holding them to account if they stray from the progressive elements they promised during the campaign.

I also told Tom Mulcair and the NDP that Steelworkers will always be there to support our party as we move forward to build a better country for all Canadians.

We miss Jack, but we will never forget his words of love, hope and optimism. Indeed, 44 seats is the second-highest federal result the NDP has ever achieved.

Thanks to USW members for your enthusiasm and commitment to building a better world. I know that we can make a difference. Together, we can do more to improve the lives of workers, families and our communities. We will continue in our struggle until the job is done.

In solidarity,

Ken Neumann
USW National Director

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