Ken Neumann Statement on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls

On October 4, Canadians like me will mark the national day of vigils to honour missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls. Sadly, the missing and murdered include Steelworker sisters and the family members of Steelworkers. This will be the tenth year in a row for this important commemoration.

But this October, we can do something else to honour the missing and murdered. We can do something to mark the beginning of the end of this national disgrace. On October 19, we can vote in the federal election for a party committed to action for Aboriginal women and girls.

Canada’s New Democrats have committed to:

  • Call an inquiry into the 1,200 Aboriginal women who have been killed or have disappeared since the 1980s, within 100 days of forming a government
  • Work with women's group and indigenous organizations to develop a national plan to end violence against women and girls
  • Provide $40 million in new funding over four years to shelters on reserves and to restore funding for off-reserve shelters
  • Invest money in affordable housing and homelessness programs to help women fleeing violence to find a new place to live

Join an October 4th vigil in your community, but also take the time to encourage friends, family, and co-workers to vote for a party that puts women and workers first.

On October 19, let’s make history. Let’s take the first steps to building a country where Aboriginal women and girls can live long lives to their full potential.

In solidarity,

Ken Neumann
National Director

Native Women’s Association of Canada’s call for vigils

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